Battles of the Civil Wars

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The list below includes major battles of the English Civil Wars. It is possible that errors of sourcing or of transcription have resulted in some of the dates being innacurately shown. If you see any incorrect dates, please provide the correct dates with a source to Thank you.

Date Battle Nearest town Won by
23/09/1642 Powick Bridge Worcester King
17/10/1642 Kings Norton Birmingham Parliament
23/10/1642 Edgehill Banbury Indecisive
1/11/1642 Aylesbury Aylesbury Parliament
12/11/1642 Brentford Brentford King
13/11/1642 Turnham Green London Parliament
19/01/1643 Braddock Down Lostwithiel King
23/01/1643 Leeds Leeds Parliament
13/03/1643 First Battle of Middlewich Middlewich Parliament
19/03/1643 Hopton Heath Stafford Indecisive
30/03/1643 Seacroft Moor Leeds King
03/04/1643 Camp Hill Birmingham King
13/04/1643 Ripple Field Worcester King
25/04/1643 Sourton Down Okehampton Parliament
16/05/1643 Stratton Bude King
18/06/1643 Chalgrove Field Chalgrove King
30/06/1643 Adwalton Moor Bradford King
30/06/1643 Adwalton Moor Bradford King
04/07/1643 Burton Bridge Burton upon Trent King
05/07/1643 Lansdowne Bath King
13/07/1643 Roundway Down Devizes King
26/07/1643 Storming of Bristol Bristol King
28/07/1643 Gainsborough Gainsborough Parliament
03/08/1643 Siege of Gloucester Gloucester Parliament
18/09/1643 Aldbourne Chase Marlborough Indecisive
20/09/1643 1st Battle of Newbury Newbury Indecisive
01/11/1643 Heptonstall Hebden Bridge Parliament
04/11/1643 Olney Bridge Milton Keynes Parliament
13/12/1643 Alton Alton Parliament
26/12/1643 2nd Battle of Middlewich Middlewich
25/01/1644 Nantwich Nantwich Parliament
28/02/1644 Siege of Lathom House Skelmersdale King
29/03/1644 Cheriton Winchester Parliament
11/04/1644 Selby Selby Parliament
03/05/1644 Siege of Lincoln Lincoln Parliament
28/05/1644 Bolton Massacre Bolton King
29/06/1644 Cropredy Bridge Banbury King
02/07/1644 Marston Moor York Parliament
21/08/1644 Lostwithiel Lostwithiel King
21/08/1644 Beacon Hill Lostwithiel King
30/08/1644 Castle Dore Fowey King
01/09/1644 Tippermuir Perth King
13/09/1644 Aberdeen Aberdeen King
27/10/1644 2nd Battle of Newbury Newbury Indecisive
09/05/1645 Auldearn Nairn King
14/06/1645 Naseby Market Harborough Parliament
24/09/1645 Rowton Heath Chester Parliament
02/07/1645 Alford Aberdeen King
10/07/1645 Langport Yeovil Parliament
15/08/1645 Kilsyth Stirling King
13/09/1645 Philiphaugh Selkirk Parliament
16/02/1646 Torrington Great Torrington Parliament
21/03/1646 Stow-on-the-Wold Stow-on-the-Wold Parliament
08/05/1648 St Fagans Cardiff Parliament
01/06/1648 Maidstone Maidstone Parliament
12/06/1648 Siege of Colchester Colchester Parliament
17/08/1648 Preston Preston Parliament
03/09/1650 Dunbar Dunbar Parliament
01/12/1650 Hieton Hamilton Parliament
20/07/1651 Inverkeithing North Queensferry Parliament
03/09/1651 Worcester Worcester Parliament