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Provided by Paul Stinton
Editor's note: the question marks in this text mark points where the original text is indistinct and therefore there is some doubt about precisely what it printed.

A perfect List of the many Victories by Gods blessing upon the Parliaments Forces under the command of his Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax, since the 14. of June last 1645 to this present month of April, Anno Dom 1646. with the names of the Garrisons, Towns and castles taken from the enemy.

  1. That never to be forgotten victory at Naseby field; where after a fierce battle, were routed all the Kings Horse, killd and took all his Foot, with all the Ordnance, bag and baggage: Also the Kings Cabinet of Letters took, and since published, and the designe discovered. All this was performed the 14. of June, and after a long march.
  2. Leicester regained, with all the armes and ammunition therein, with 400. men prisoners, 200. horse, which was performed after a long march within three days afterward.
  3. Highworth Garrison taken with a hundred armes therein.
  4. The reliefe of poore oppressed, but faithful, Town of Taunton the fourth of July 1645.
  5. The retaking of Ilchester in Somersetshire, the 7. of July, with all the ammunition therein.
  6. The routing of Gorings Western army near Langport; taken 10 Colonels, 2000 prisoners, 2000 horse, 4000 armes, 35 Colours of horse, 28 of foote, foure peeces of Ordnance. This was most gallantly performed the tenth of July 1645.
  7. The Garrison of Langport taken with all the ammunition.
  8. The Garrison of Barrugh also taken, with all the armes and ammunition upon the 14 of July 1645.
  9. Bridgewater, a strong Garrison taken by storm with all the arms and ammunition, July 22. 1645.
  10. The Citie of Bath surrendered with six pieces of Ordnance, and all the ammunition, July 22. 1645
  11. The Club-men of Somersetshire beaten, 2000 armes taken from them, and 300 of the ringleaders, upon the third of August 1645.
  12. The strong Castle of Sherborne taken by storme, with all the armes and ammunition, Aug 15. 1645.
  13. The Castle of Nuney in Somersetshire taken the 8. of September, with all the ammunition.
  14. Parshus (?) point, commanding the Kings Road, taken upon the 11. of September 1645, and afterwards.
  15. The strong Citie of Bristoll that was so cowardly and basely lost, was as gallantly taken by storme, with all the armes and ammunition therin.
  16. The Town and Castle of Devises taken the 22 September.
  17. The castle of Farleigh in Somersetshire taken.
  18. The castle of Cardiff with 16 pieces of Ordnance and 400 armes taken the 15 of September, 1645.
  19. Laicock House in Wiltshire taken with all the armes.
  20. Barkley castle in Glocesttershire taken Septemb. 26.
  21. Chedwick castle neer Lime taken, with all the armes.

    Here also followeth the prosperous successes of our brethren of Scotland since the last of June 1645. viz.

  22. The strong citie and castle of Carlile taken with all the arms and ammunition. And likewise,
  23. The strong castle of Pontefract in Yorkshire, with all the armes and ammunition. As likewise,
  24. The impregnable castle of Scarborough taken.
  25. The castle of Rabi (?) in the county of Duresme (?) taken: as likewise our brethren since took
  26. The castle of Canon-Frome in Herefordshire.

    The Forces under the command of the Committee of Shrewsbury, have been prosperous in the taking of

  27. Dawly Castle.
  28. Shraden Castle.
  29. Cans(?) Castle.
  30. Stockley Castle.
  31. Morton-Corbet House.
  32. Rowton Castle,
  33. Limsell Mannor. And
  34. Aply House, with the losse of very few mens lives, blessed be God for it.
  35. The Army of our brethren of Scotland God hath also most miraculously been seen in their assistance when they were almost over-run with that rebel-lious Army of Montrose, and many who pretended to be their friends, rejoiced at their misery; but yet God hath made them all know hee will and hath owned his owne cause, by appearing for that small party that did overthrown the enemy upon the thirteenth of September 1645. where was killed the Lord Craford, Generall of the Kings Horse, and six Lords taken prisoners. Which victory I here adde to ours, because if it were rightly understood it was ours.
  36. In the raising of the siege of Pembroke our English Army was likewise prosperous.
  37. Likewise a glorious victory over the Welsh three miles from Hereford, where they were totally routed, 150 of them killed, 700 taken prisoners, foure peeces of Ordnance, five barrels of powder, and 800 armes, with all their carriages and provision, the first of August 1645.

    The Portraiture of the most Excellent truly Valliant and Succesfull Sr Thomas Fairfax Captain Generall of the Armies Raised for the Preservation of Religion defence of King Parliament and Kingdom

  38. The towne and castle if Haverford West taken by storm, Aug 5. 1645, and in it a peece of Ordnance, 140 armes.
  39. The castle of Carew taken with all the ammunition.
  40. The castle of Picton in Pembrokeshire taken by storme.
  41. Cardiff castle in Glamorganshire taken with the armes and ammunition therein.
  42. The Kings Forces totally routed at Rownton Heath neer Chester, the 24. of September, by Gods blessing upon our Armies under the command of the most victorious Major Generall Poyntz, where was killed the Earle of Litchfield, and 1600 common Souldiers taken prisoners, and 2000 horse, and ten Knights, with some 90 commanders.
  43. The castle of Sandall taken the second of October 1645.
  44. The citie and castle of Winchester taken the sixth of October, with all the ammunition.
  45. The town and castle of Chipstow in Monmouthshire taken the eleventh of October with all the ammunition.
  46. Hoult-Church Garrison taken by composition the 13 of October.
  47. The plundering Garrison of Basing taken by storm the 14 of October, with all the armes.
  48. The town and castle of Carmarthen taken the 14 of Octob. with all the Ammunition.
  49. Langford House took the 17. of Octob. 1645.
  50. The 17 of Octob. was Digby and Langdale routed in the North, going for Scotland, their bag and baggage taken, and their journey stayed.
  51. The castle of Tiverton neer Exeter taken the 19. of October, with all the Ammunition.
  52. The Town and castle of Monmouth taken by storm the 19. of Octob. with all the Armes and Ammunition therein.
  53. Digby and Langdale having again recruited, march again towards Scotland, and are again routed by the Scotch Army, bag and baggage taken.
  54. The Kings Welsh Forces under the command of Sir William Vaughan were totally routed by the Forces under the command of Sir William Brereton, upon the twenty ninth of October: Taken of the enemie prisoners foure hundred Foot, six hundred Horse, and kild two hundred upon the place, with small losse, blessed be God.
  55. The castle of Boulton taken by composition.
  56. Shelford House taken by storme, with all the ammunition and armes, upon the twenty ninth of October 1645.
  57. Wharton House neere Newark, taken by composition.
  58. The strong castle of Beston in Cheshire taken by composition, with all the ammunition.
  59. The Fort of Latham taken by composition.
  60. The citie of Hereford taken by a stratagem the 18 of December with all the armes and ammunition.
  61. The castle of Embleden in Carmarthenshire taken by composition upon the twentieth of December 1645.
  62. The castle of Skippon taken the 22 of December.
  63. The town of Tidbury taken by Sir John Gell.
  64. The Garrison of Fulford neere Exeter taken.
  65. Chilliton House neere Exeter taken by a sudden storme with all the armes and ammunition, December 28.
  66. Powderham (?)House neer Exeter taken by storm December 29.
  67. Famous Plimouth relieved, and the Kings Forces beaten the second of January 1645.
  68. The Fort of Canterbury taken by … and storm January 4.
  69. Budex(?) Church neer Plimouth taken by storm, and in it an hundred prisoners, an hundred horse, and two hundred arms, January 9. 1645.
  70. Sir Francis Drakes House taken January 12 by storm, and in it an hundred prisoners besides other ammunition.
  71. The town & castle of Dartmouth taken the 19 of January, and in it one Earle, two Colonels, five Lieutenants-colonels, three Majors, fifteen Captains, twenty two Lieutenants, twelve Ensignes, nine hundred common Souldiers, 120 pieces of Ordnance, and two ships, and all the ammunition.
  72. The castle of Belvoir taken by composition the 20 of January.
  73. The strong and most considerable citie of Chester taken, with great store of armes and ammunition, by the ever to be honored and truly religious Sir William Brereton, January 29.
  74. The town of Torrington taken by composition.
  75. The Prince and Lord Hopton routed in the West(?), four hundred taken, with two hundred horse, the rest fled into Cornwall.
  76. Cardiff relieved by Major General Lawhorn.
  77. The Kings forces in Wales by the said Major Lawhorn his forces, totally routed, taken 800 common Souldiers, 75 of the commanders, 250 slaine, bag and baggage taken.
  78. Corf Castle in Dorsetshire taken by storm and stratagem.
  79. The town of Abington suddenly surprised by the Kings forces, but by the resolution of the Garrison Souldiers were beaten out with great losse, in which service Colonell Patte the new Governour, behaved himself gallantly.
  80. The Forces under the command of Major-Generall Web, were routed the fifth of February, and many prisoners taken.
  81. The Rob-carriers garrison of Ashby de la Zouch surrendered under composition with all the ammunition therein the second of March 1645.
  82. Chirk castle surrendered to Sir Thomas Middleton.
  83. Launceston taken, and Bodmin quitted by the enemy in the West.
  84. Listell taken, and foure load of ammunition of the Lord Hoptons.
  85. Saltash taken, and in it 5 peeces of Ordnance.
  86. Ward-bridge and Temple-guard taken, and the enemy totally routed and fled.
  87. The town of Litchfield taken by Sir Will. Brereton, March 5, with the losse of three men.
  88. Sir R Hoptons forces consisting of 5000 horse, disbanded and delivered up to Sir Tho. Fairfax.
  89. Sir Jacob Ashley totally routed, and himself with 3500 men and horse taken, with all their bag and baggage, March 21. 1645.
  90. Dennis Castle, and Felford haven taken, with 26 peeces of Ordnance in a Dunkirk ship that was coming for the relief of Pendennis.
  91. The Fort of Axmouth is surrendered: they were to march forth with their swords only. The taking of which Fort of a very great accommodation towards the gaining of Exeter. Sir Thomas Fairfax is preparing to march to Barnstaple, and so to Exeter.

    The Lord of Hoasts give a blessing to hi faithful endeavours, and crown his enterprizes with successe and victory, that God may have the glory of all, and that England may not onely enjoy outward peace and priviledges, but the Gospel of peace, which we ought to esteem more than our lives, because it is so precious a jewell, that will yield us the truest comfort at our later end.

    Collected by Josiah Ricraft.

    Published according to Order

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    Aprill 2d LONDON
    Printed by Matthew Simmons for John H?we?ck, and to be sold at his shop in Pop?shead Ally, neer the Exchange. 1646