Fladbury Parish accounts: damages claimed from Parliament

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Reproduced by kind permission of Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service.

Extracts from parish accounts from Fladbury

The effects of the Civil War were not confined to military action. Equally significant was the slow, grinding, effect of the war on everyday life. There was widespread plundering of private property at both an official and individual level. Soldiers were poorly, and irregularly, paid and armies on the march depended heavily on re-supplying themselves from the countryside through which they passed.

The extracts below are taken from the parish of Fladbury in East Worcestershire. They refer to losses suffered at the hands of Parliamentary troops, simply because the only documents that survive are claims against Parliament (there being little point in trying to recover damages from the defeated Royalists). The extracts illustrate a wide range of goods being seized, ranging from horses, foodstuffs and clothing. The extracts do not not include the repeated costs of quartering troops or the monthly 'contributions' (taxes) to Parliament. Note the costs of providing ladders etc for the battle of Evesham in May 1645.

George Danby 2 horses taken from him by Capt Cotton, his souldiers under the Earl of Denbigh: when they came for the first Contribution £6.6s.8d
horses and other goods taken from him by Warwick soldiers worth £40.0s.0d
2 horses taken from him by Col. Archer's soldiers worth £13.6s.8d
Ladders boards and other materials taken from him att the Siege of Evesham £2.10s.0d
Thomas Parkes Taken from him by Capt Aston in money and in apparel £7.0s.0d
Taken from him by Capt Aston's men saddles, bridles and other implements £1.0s.0d
Taken from him by Capt Moore an Irishman under Sir William Waller 2 horses worth £22.0s.0d
Thomas Weston Ladders and other materials at the siege of Evesham £0.2s.6d
William Saye Taken from him by Sir William Waller's forces one roane Gelding worth £6.0s.0d
Taken from him by the Kentish regiment under Sir William Waller, wheat 30 bushels, barley 30 bushels, pulses 50 bushels, malt 24 bushels, millcorn 30 bushels, all worth £24.0s.0d
Taken from him 12 bushels of oates, and 6 bags £1.11s.0d
Edward Harris One Dunne Gelding taken from him by the Scotts in their march from Hereford £5.0s.0d
Boardes and other things lost at the siege of Evesham £0.15s.0d