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The information included here is generally from enthusiasts using secondary or tertiary sources and, with a few notable exceptions, has not been provided by academics or professional historians. Many of the people who have contributed material are extremely knowledgeable and have researched their subjects very thoroughly but the material you will find here should not be used as an authoritative source in the way that peer-reviewed material (such as books, papers or DNB articles) could.

Please also note that all of the material here remains the intellectual property of the individual authors. It may not be published or circulated without the written permission of the relevant author.

The content of the site is arranged by category shown below. The indented text is the title of each page.


 Main page and information About Fairfax Battalia  


 Appearance:  Wigs and hair 
 Calendars:   Dates and calendars
 Children:    Children
 Clothing:    Black for clothing
              Hat honour and deference
              Hat service
              Recreating the Reality of Elizabethan Clothing 1
              Recreating the Reality of Elizabethan Clothing 2 
              Stockings in the mid-seventeenth century
Commerce:     Coins of the 17th century
              Income by Social Grouping
              Prices of accommodation, food and drink in 1625
              Tally sticks and the formation of the Bank of England
Communities:  Fladbury Parish accounts: damages claimed from Parliament
              Coventry during the civil wars
Construction: Teak in 17th century
Death:        Concepts of death in Early Modern England
              Life expectancy
Education:    Education
Fabric        Fustian
Food & drink  Chocolate advertisement
Health:       Average height
              Health (William Vaughan’s Fifteen Directions to Preserve Health)
Leisure:      Playing cards
London:       London and the English Civil War
Marriage:     Betrothal ceremonies
Politics:     Levellers
Society:      Income by Social Grouping
              Population: calculations for London and the country
              Servants in the 1640s to 1650s
              Tournaments in the 17th century


Papists, Protestants and Puritans - a user's guide
Religion in the Civil Wars Part 1 The Religious Background to the Civil War
Religion in the Civil Wars Part 2 Some Tenets of Protestant Reformation
Religion in the Civil Wars Part 3 Religion and the Monarchy Prior to the Civil War
Religion in the Civil Wars Part 4 Religion and Parliament
Religion in the Civil Wars Part 5 The Levellers and the Army
Religion in the Civil Wars Part 6 Concepts in 17th century religion
Religion in the Civil Wars Part 7 Other 17th Century Religious Groups